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Every purchase will create an impression about our business within the customers. So you have to update your business tactics according to the latest trends. One of such products is Point of sale software which shows your intention towards customer’s satisfaction.

What is point of sale? Point of sale is the creation of area where buying a product, billing of it, transaction of amount towards the bill and printing pay slip of the product so that fast delivery is possible. And also it helps to provide the services at a time to more number of people.

Ooi solution provides Point of Sale System with the following features

  • Simplified and customized software.
  • Flexible and very comfortable for sellers to satisfy their customers.
  • Saves the time and money.
  • Maintaining clear records about the products of sale.
  • Used to record the customers details.
  • Gives transaction details and analyzing them in day-wise manner is possible.
  • Inventory management is easy
  • Automation of orderings.
  • You can manage your product sales anywhere and at anytime.
  • Helps to maintain details of employees.
  • Differentiation of suppliers and customers of a product is provided.
  • Gift cards availability.
  • Price and billing management.
  • Billing is easy including with GST.
  • Sales tracking is easy.
  • Ecommerce.
  • Product catalog.

Some of the Functionalities of our POS System

  • Admin Dashboard:
    • It is main dashboard among all and has the supreme control in the system. The access is given to the main administrator. By this centralized management & controlling is possible and increases interaction & communication with remaining.
  • Customers::
    • Access is given to customers by the admin. It helps the customers to know information about the products. It simply improves communication between the customers and admin that ultimately improves the sales.
  • Suppliers:
    • In this software separately providing access to suppliers that improves the relationship with suppliers.In you can main clear reports of products that you received from different suppliers.
  • Reports:
    • It gives analysis of sales day-wise, monthly and also annually that makes perfect idea about the profits in the sales.
  • Receiving:
    • It maintains the records about the amount that you received from each and every customer. It reduces the effects that you put in billings maintain.
  • Sales:
    • It helps to maintain sales of every particular product each day. It helps you to know about the customer’s choice.
  • Item:
    • It is the listing of different items at your place for sale and attracts the customers.
  • Item kits:
    • Gives the basic idea about number of pieces /quantity of same item is available at your place.
  • Employee:
    • Helps to maintain the total details and work reports of an employ. This increases relationship between the employ and management.
  • Gift cards:
    • Gives complete details about the gifts and offerings for each and every purchase at your place.