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The IT framework has changed the field of solution. In this quick paced universe of medication, it is an overwhelming task to manage with a multi-strength healing facility. A hospital management system (HMS) is a PC or web based system that encourages control the working of the hospital or any therapeutic set up. This system or programming will help in making the entire functioning paperless. It incorporates all the information regarding patients, doctors, staff, hospital administrative details etc. into one programming. It has areas for different experts that make up a healing facility.

Ooi solution provides Education Management System with the following features

  • Better Control Over Hospital Administration
  • Establish your hospital as technically advanced
  • Effective utilization of hospital facilities and improves inventory control
  • Work climate and environment gets improved.
  • Provides information required to support patient care
  • Maintains records necessary for statutory requirements
  • Data security, integrity and accessibility
  • Improves the employee trust towards organization and motivated.
  • Avoid errors and track every single detail
  • Reduce the misuse of resource and more cost saving oriented.
  • Electronic Medical Report Generation
  • Increased Patient Satisfaction
  • Better revenue management
  • Transparency in the system
  • Achieve good quality ratings

Some of the Functionalities of our Hospital Management System

  • Registration:
    • To capture all the important data related to patient. Healthcare organization can set the fields needs as mandatory and optional
  • Lab:
    • This module will record various samples, test result analysis and reports. Additionally it maintains patient lab records.
  • Doctors:
    • This module is to keep tune of medical doctors, their private info, listing of pending and upcoming patients, technique prescription, medical prescription, medication inventory availability, treatment plan etc.
  • Nursing:
    • Nursing module is to track records of ward-wise attendant, bed accessibility, drug demand, advance report passage, and so on.
  • System Admin:
    • Part of this module is to make clients with their part, billing rate creation, organization, lab, radiology groups, parameter and method creation, design and administration
  • Help Desk:
    • This module will hold all the track of accessibility of various hospital services.
  • OPD Billing:
    • This module is to keep record of rebate and charging of meeting administration, pathology, radiology, procedure, healthdifferent administrations.
  • Pharmacy Management:
    • This module is to keep finish record of things, buy orders, merchant instalments,, item utilization, stock availability, sales report, and different resources.
  • MIS Report:
    • This module is to hold general points of interest, and charging synopsis of the patients from their registration to discharge.
  • Radiology:
    • This module is to configure & cancel take a look at requests and to provide print reviews after final test.


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