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In this fast technology, we must work technically without compromising the quality that finally gives perfect competition to the remaining. At present, Educational institutions are lagging in doing technical work because they can’t compromise in providing quality education. And also can’t communicate with the people internally or externally due to its complexity. But perfect management software will make all these things possible and makes an institution survive longer time in this competitive world.

Ooi solution provides Education Management System with the following features

  • Simplified and customized software
  • Easy and flexible structure that makes your work faster.
  • Providing perfect features that replicate your standards.
  • Detailed information recording at one place.
  • Maintaining books, study materials of each and every class separately in online.
  • Providing separate block to maintain library books information.
  • Coordinating staff internally by giving information about one another.
  • Maintaining detailed analysis report of every individual.
  • Notifying students regularly regarding timetables, exams, assessments and results.
  • Providing access to parents to know information about their child.
  • Providing access to necessary people.
  • Parent teacher interaction via SMS.

Some of the Functionalities of our Education Management System

Education Management System designed by Ooi solution provides an instant and simplified structure to manage your institution. The software consists of following divisions

  • Centralized admin:
    • Centralized admin is the main module that provides access to the remaining portals. It will work under the control of the main administration that provides security and also interaction with the people internally and externally.
  • Teacher portal:
    • Every individual teacher was provided with a login ID in that they can maintain complete information like student details, marks, attendance records, time tables and study materials etc. In addition it helps to maintain their colleague’s data and also interact with the parents about the student via SMS.
  • Students portal:
    • Each and every student was provided with their own portal. It provides complete information about the marks, attendance and timetables etc.
  • Parents portal:
    • This portal is a specially provided to every parent so that they can login and can monitor the complete details of academics.
  • Transport:
    • It provides basic information regarding transportation of the students in online.
  • Dormitory:
    • Gives information regarding hostel rooms availability and facility provided by the management.
  • Class routine:
    • It helps to give information about the schedules of a class, subjects and syllabus which creates perfect teacher student coordination in the institute.
  • Daily attendance:
    • It records complete attendance of every individual in the institution that helps the management to take the action simultaneously.
  • Exam:
    • It helps to notify each and every student regarding exams and assessments. It just simply acts as a notice board in online regarding exams.
  • Accounting:
    • It provides clear information to the administration regarding fee collection and fee receipt generation and helps to maintain detailed information in management accounts.
  • Library:
    • Maintaining information regarding books in the library and gives an idea to the teachers, students and also management about the books those are present in the library.
  • Notice board:
    • For easy communication, an online notice board is provided to transfer the management information to both internal and external people.


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